There are moments and spaces in life when there are opportunities to be extraordinary — to move beyond what is standard and ordinary. In those moments, choose Winona.

Craftsmanship moves beyond the ordinary to make it extraordinary. Since 1961, Winona® Lighting has built its legacy as the premier manufacturer of custom lighting solutions, inspiring designers to bring unique visions to life. As technologies and design trends evolve, the focus at Winona is always constant: a relentless commitment to crafting highly-desired luminaires with cutting-edge technologies, outstanding quality and first-class service. Winona collaborates as your design partner to create one-of-a kind custom solutions, replicate or restore legacy luminaires, or push the boundaries with OLED and other technology innovations. Dream big with custom lighting.

Standard product families from Winona have transitioned to other architectural brands at Acuity Brands®.
See a full list of product transitions through this downloadable crossover guide.


Custom Lighting

A custom design begins with an idea or vision. From there, our skilled designers and artisans collaborate with you to bring that idea to life. Form, scale, performance, material and cost are all considered during the design phase. Working closely with you, the Custom Architectural Lighting Group creates lighting solutions elevating any project from ordinary to extraordinary.



Restoration and Replication

Modern tools in the hands of experienced craftsmen can reproduce luminaires that blend with (or replace) legacy fixtures. Enabled by the latest design software, innovative manufacturing processes and artisan finishing techniques, we can replicate period pieces from original drawings, photographs or existing luminaires. Quality, safety and the lighting ambiance of historic luminaires are enhanced by the integration of Acuity Brands high-performance digital light engines and controls.




OLEDs have beautiful color and sensation of brightness in popular 3000K and 4000K correlated color temperatures with L70 lifetime as high as 100,000 hours. Inherently creating large area and softly diffuse illumination in a glare-free, thin form factor, OLED lighting is ideal for intimate and unique designs in a multitude of interior environments. With today’s brighter and more efficient OLEDs, these luminaires provide new inspirations for designers to explore creativity and make a positive impact on health and well-being.