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Elegance Redefined

Family Overview

Designer Patterns and Finishes

The Silhouette family allows the designer to select the exact luminaire to fit any space. Thirteen vibrant painted finishes, one metal finish and five patterns are available for each of the forms – Pendant (Cable Mount or Single Stem), Horizontal Sconce, Vertical Sconce, Round Sconce and Ceiling Sconce. Drop lens options are also available for Pendant and Ceiling Sconce forms.


Lumen output is specifiable within a wide range, independently, between direct and indirect distributions. Combined with high-performance indirect batwing distribution, this allows luminaires to be spaced further apart while maintaining uniformly lit surfaces and allowing for less luminaires to be used.
Experience unmatched visual comfort. Use of a high transmission and high hiding power acrylic diffuser combined with proprietary internal optics creates a large uniformly lit source, reducing perceived glare and eliminating pixelization in both flush and drop lens configurations.
WL882704Silhouette Image Editflat lens

Flush Lens Configuration

WL882704Silhouette Image Editdrop lens

Drop Lens Configuration

Advanced Dimming and Controls

Select features depending on product, refer to spec sheet for details.

solo_icons_TW png

The Tunable White feature allows occupants to adjust color temperature optimally for different activities, times of day, or environments.

solo_icons-WD png

Warm Dimming dramatically impacts the ambiance of a space, evoking a more welcoming atmosphere.

nLight png

The nLight® networked digital lighting control system is easy to use, easy to install and helps save energy.

nLight Air Squiggle_blue png

nLight AIR® is a simplified wireless lighting control solution for renovation projects.

eldoled png

The eldoLED driver delivers smooth, flicker-free deep dimming performance to dark.

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