Who We Are

*FPO Our products will always be driven by our guiding principles: a supreme commitment to quality and dedication to first-class service.



*FPO Advances in lighting and control technologies offer for creative expression like never before. In addition to dynamically changing color, lighting scenes and shows can be easily programmed using Acuity Brands' intuitive control systems. Parata and Blanca lighting creates visual impact with flexibility to adapt to different moods, needs and messages.


*FPO Windirect High Performance Asymmetric Lighting is the complete solution for indirectly illuminating projects of any size. Luminaires are offered in five extruded reflector sizes, designed to accommodate multiple light sources from conventional to energy-efficient LED. The Windirect reflector is engineered to produce uniform illumination on vertical or horizontal surfaces.



*FPO Winona Lighting offers a wide variety of linear luminaries, specifically suited to any project based on environment, scale, and type of distribution required. Incorporating LED and fluorescent sources, products are offered for cove and surface mount, both interior and exterior. Asymmetric or flood distributions achieve desired light effects - flood, wash or grazing.


*FPO Flood and Spot lights accent architectural features or provide area illumination with vivid color or brilliant white light in a variety of sizes and beam distributions.

Marker lights use vibrant color and shape to provide messaging or direction. Faceplates are available in several finishes or customized for unique branding.