Small, Versatile, Impactful

Within a single platform, the Winline 500 Series can provide Static White and Color or dynamic options: RGBW Architainment Color, Tunable White or Warm Dimming. These linear accent luminaires offer superior optical performance and efficacy creating design flexibility for any application.
Winona Winline 501 RGBW Interior
Winona Winline 502 27K Interior
Winline application - building exterior with green lights
Light as Intended

Winline 500 Series offers multiple distribution options for flood lighting, grazing and wall washing. The exceptional beam control places light where it's intended and with controlled precision.

Distribution Options
Distribution Options chart
Grazing to highlight texture on wall image
Skim light across a surface to highlight texture.
Flood light distribution on wall image
Use wide distribution of light for general illumination.
Wallwash light distribution on wall image
Wall Wash
Create smooth, even distribution across a surface.
Spot and accent light distribution on wall image
Spot and Accent Lighting
Emphasize architectural and design elements with targeted distribution of lighting.
Best-in-Class Optical Performance
With more than one-million possible configurations, the Winline 500 Series incorporates everything you could want in a complete linear solution.
Winona Winline 501 RGBW Direct View
Winona Winline 501 2700K Interior
Winona Winline 501 RGBW WSL200

Dynamic Features
Static White & Color
Select from five static white correlated color temperatures or vibrant red, green, blue or amber static colors.
Static White and Color options